When am I charged for my pre-order item?

All pre-order items are charged to your payment method upon checkout.  We do offer cancellations on pre-orders but a 15% fee will be incurred.  This means you will get 85% of your payment back upon order cancellation. 

Why do I get charged a cancellation fee?

We charge a cancellation fee to help ensure that we can offer a great price for you.  We have to place our orders with manufacturers months in advance and we need to keep our inventory at a controllable level.  Keeping our inventory at the right level keeps our costs down.  If we have customers ordering and cancelling willy-nilly it is very difficult to control inventory levels and estimate demand which in turn leads to more costs for us - then we may have to raise prices to offset the higher operating/inventory storage costs.

If I order pre-order items and in stock items will my in stock items ship right away?

Your in stock items will be held in reserve until your pre-order items arrive.  They will then all be shipped together.  If you need in stock items right away, you should place a separate order for just the in stock items.