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Pre-Ordering CGC Graded Comics With Us

What is CGC?  CGC comics are certified/graded by the hobby's most experienced and trusted team, following well-established grading standards.  Once certified by CGC, a comic book is encased in a state-of-the art, tamper-proof holder, providing the best protection for long-term preservation and storage. 

What graded comics are we offering for pre-order?

We are going to be selecting comic books every week that we feel have a good investment potential and we are sending them out to get professionally graded by CGC.  We are offering these select few comics for you to pre-order/reserve in advance of their release.  We guarantee you will get the grade stated in the listing.  If all the books come back from CGC in a lesser grade than what you ordered, then you will be notified and refunded in full.  This usually only happens if the items are damaged during the grading process at CGC or damaged in transit to CGC.

CGC turnaround times:  Current turnaround time for graded comics is roughly 6 months after the comics release date.  We will update the wait times every month if that time increases or decreases.  Delays/wait times at CGC are, unfortunately, out of our control.  Please be aware of this when placing your order.

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