Hello fanboys and fangirls!  It's a crazy world out there nowadays and we just wanted to give you an update on the status of our workers and shipping timeframes. 

Currently there is no one on the staff who has Covid-19 or is suspected of having the virus. 

Even though no one has been diagnosed with the coronavirus here we are taking extra precautions when picking and packing your items for shipment.  Everyone is wearing an N95 respirator and we are following government issued guidelines for social distancing and cleanliness. 

SHIPPING SCHEDULE:  We are now only having packages picked up by the Post Office once per week in order to limit contact with our hard-working Postal workers.  We will provide updates if this changes or if the government issues new requirements that would add more time to the processing or shipping of your order.

NOTE 1: we do have a few items from 3rd party sellers in our store.  Some areas of the country are more affected by others and if these 3rd party items cannot be immediately shipped to you the order will, unfortunately, have to be canceled and you will receive an immediate refund.

NOTE 2: Diamond Comics has stopped shipping new comics.  All comics arriving after April 1st are on indefinite delay.  This goes for all comics with a street date of April 1st and later.  We will update you more about this situation when we get some more info from Diamond.  All pre-orders for comics arriving April 1st and later are still subject to our pre-order policy. 

We hope all of you out there are doing your best to live in this new world.  We know it can be difficult not to give in to fear.  We do understand.  We will all face challenges that are yet to come during this crisis and we hope everyone can take a step back and remember that we are all in this together.  Channel your inner superhero and just keep moving forward!

We hope you all stay safe and stay healthy!

- Your Friends at Fandom Comic Shop